Wednesday, March 2, 2016

January 2016

January was a fun and busy month for us. I'm sure that seems to be the case every month, but it really was how January felt. Busy, but fun.

I finally committed to getting some curtains up in our living room. I was so sick of the hideous vertical blinds that we had that I took them down (all by myself!) and then sewed and installed these curtains. I'm happy with how they turned out!

Baby Ambrose is a growing and at this point I could barely see my toes!

We got locked out of our mailbox (oh that was a FUN fiasco) and this was the stacks of mail we had waiting for us after a week of not being able to get our mail.

 26 weeks pregnant!!

Lindy's birthday is in January and this year she wanted a pool party. We made fun beach cupcakes and had a BLAST with family and friends.

I can't believe she's 6!!!

blue frosting is the best. :D

Everyone loves a baby! It was so funny, she was set down on the floor and instantly EVERYONE was crowded around her. It was the funniest thing.

We had a military ball for Allan's brigade this month and I got all dolled up....

Just to end up in the ER right before dinner was served. :( It ended up being a gallbladder attack. Honestly the worst thing ever.
 We were in the ER for a LONG time and this is my wonderful husband trying to get comfortable.

 and this is the wonderful souvenir I got to go home with - the nurse was not gentle in putting in my IV.

We had a lot of very foggy mornings in January....
 I decided it was time to put in the pack'n'play (that will have the bassinet added to it shortly) so I could get used to having it beside me before the baby is born. This meant I lost my nightstand, so I got some floating shelves and installed them ALL BY MYSELF. So proud.

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