Friday, May 22, 2015


Whew! We're getting there my friends! April was some fun times. :) Let's do this, shall we?

I got a new hair cut! (mostly bangs and some layers) but I LOVE it! Yay for hair getting longer!!
went shoe shopping for wedding shoes for my sister! The wedding is coming up!
how we watch conference....

How Rusha watches conference....
allergy inducing trees

date night at the Ballet! This show was FANTASTIC!!!

Lindy was here in April and we were able to play with her one night

fun times!!!

tired girl after a night of fun!
Food prep for one week....we need to do this again.

I LOVE Lilacs! They smell so good and we have bushes by our mail box. :)

Good mail day! I actually have an influenster post coming....

new purse I made. I'm in love with it!

we went and had dinner at my in-laws and we met their new goat. :D

sewing project! I need to finish this skirt....

SNOW! this did not make me happy

the influenster Bella Voxbox....stay tuned for a post on all the fun things inside!

lunch date during restaurant week

all the flowers for our awards reception at work.
and that, my friends, was April. So much busy. Don't get me wrong though, it was a blast. :D


I love the month of March! It's my birthday! Our Anniversary! And sometimes it gets warm..... :)

Behold: our adventures in March:

this cutie after bath time....she kills me!

by far my favorite sight to see

Our last night with Lindy - we got Waffles/Pancakes Lindy loves attacking her Daddy!
We had a crazy snow storm at the very beginning of march! It was nuts!! It took me over an hour to get to work. I was not a fan.
Then it was my birthday! Allan took me to dinner and then the Opera at WSU.
my mom made this for my birthday!! :D
Once again we got the fixer upper kick (more like I got it. I think Allan could care less in some ways...) First our light in the dining room was having issues and we figured out it was a wiring issue. I hated the previous light fixture anyways, so we went and bought a new one and installed it! Then we put in a shelf behind/above our couch so that we could have more space in the living room without the coffee table. I loved the coffee table, but it was always in the way. So we moved it! :D

new light fixture!

new shelf!
We then spent one weekend watching Sammy and Rusha while their mom and dad went on a little getaway. It was a lot of fun.

Then we celebrated our SECOND anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years! :D I love this man of mine. He's so amazing.
beautiful flowers he got me for our anniversary!
Us on our date! :)
Other fun things:
hands down my new favorite kind of peeps!

beautiful sunrise one morning with a good this!

Spring is coming! Maybe?!
At the very  end of March we hosted other couples in our ward for a fun FHE:
we talked about being a "real Easter bunny" or a true follower of Christ

and then we played SEVERAL fun games with peeps. It was awesome.
So that was the month of March. Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me. ;)

February happenings

February started with our little vacation/early anniversary trip to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm!!! This trip is what got me through the cold days of January. I LOVE Disneyland and this might be the last time we go for a while (mostly because I don't want to take a baby) and so we made the most of it! Our friends Seth and Cindy met us there and we enjoyed 3 days of Disneyland (minus the boys one day because they did Six Flags) and a day at Knott's Berry Farm.

this was mine and Allan's first flight together. It was fun! :D

Snakes! :) Love the Indiana Jones ride!

waiting in line

Seth and Cindy. Seth was SO EXCITED to be in Disneyland ;)

Space mountain take 1

Space Mountain take 2

Star Wars ride

The carousel!

Toon town with these two crazies!

Pretty pretty princesses!

foggy/smoggy morning from our hotel

Tower of Terror! Eek!

Cars Land!

I met Mr. Incredible and Frozone. :D
Our whole trip was just fantastic and I love that we got to do that together. :) The rest of February was not as exciting, but we still did fun things:

yummy breakfast rolls I made for Valentine's Day.
Lindy FaceTiming with her cousin Abby on her birthday:

Our finished product! with curtain! (remember when I did this shelf project?)
Lindy came to town suddenly at the end of February/beginning of March. We opted to take her at that time instead of in April when we were originally going to her so we did some really fun things!

Here Lindy is coloring a shirt Grandma Koni sent her for her birthday.
Lindy modeling her new shirt. :)
Discovery Museum at Thanksgiving point with cousins!

We might have worn out this cute girl....
We took Lindy, Sammy, and Rusha all to the swimming pool:
Rusha wasn't so sure about it....

Sammy was SO excited to have his cousin here!
After swimming we got ice cream. :D

Before we left on our vacation our microwave died. We FINALLY got a new one and then FINALLY put it in, my husband had a weird vision for making this happen:

My bestie Tiff! :D
My friend Tiff asked Allan and I to come down and teach swing dancing at a ward function. So we did! It was a lot of fun. :D

And that was February in a nut shell!!