Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trey's Tricks

Trey has so many funny little antics. I love watching him!!

Trey the ballet baby strikes again: he does this funny sit and the twist thing ALL the time. I love that we caught it on video.

I blew in Trey's face which he LOVED, but then he tried to do it back. SO FUNNY!!!

My little guy learning to walk:

More Trey the Ballet Baby:

One of Trey's favorite things at home, at the studio, at driving his car. He loves his cars!

News Flash!

So, I almost forgot to mention (because there aren't really any pictures to go with it) that I was called to be the Primary President back in Janaury! :o

It's been quite the whirlwind, but I do love being involved with the Primary kiddos. I think they're the cutest and the bestest. :)

I give it it's own mini-post because I'm sure it's going to come up in future posts. Especially as I do my best to post more often. I always say that though, so we'll see if I can keep up this time or not.

April Happenings

April was SO MUCH FUN!! Lindy spent her spring break and Easter holiday with us. It was so much fun to have her around and get to do fun springy things. It was a beautiful week this year for Easter and we had a blast.

slowly making the yard more us!

Trey LOVED the whipped cream off my dessert plate!

date night to Ballet West!!

my little cutie pie

a boy and his ice cream sandwich

Army Family activity for Easter

Trey "helping" with the laundry

during Spring Break the kiddos + Allan came and had lunch with me

The Weber Pool did an Easter Egg dive - so fun!

our stake does a "Walk With Christ" event and I participated for our ward!

Easter Sunday!

Trey's Easter Basket

Lindy's Easter Basket

Trey the bunny!

Lindy the bunny!

our "mini" nursery of cuties that belong to moms in Primary. :)

Trey turns ONE!!

So hard to believe that it's been a year since this little guy came into our life. He has changed our lives for the better and I am so glad I get to call him mine. We call him our little monster all the time, so we did a little monster themed birthday party with family. He had a little photoshoot two weeks before his birthday and I just love the pictures.

Stats: 17 lbs 6 oz (3%) 28.5" (8%)

I love how little he is! He stands up with everything, sometimes walks along furniture but loves to crawl because he is SO FAST at it. He babbles all the time and is the best eater. Love you little man!!

Trey was not happy for most of his photo shoot, until the cake!

I paid someone to make this for me and it's SO CUTE!

I tried to recreate Trey's cake...The other one was WAY cuter. :P
cupcakes I made to match his cake!



Dad "helped" get Trey messier.


At the end of March, my parents were going to be visiting my Grandpa (dad's dad) in New Mexico after putting both of my mom's parents to rest in Arizona. My sisters and I decided to drive down and surprise my mom for her birthday and have a fun a weekend visiting. I hadn't seen my grandpa in over 4 years so it was a great little trip.
we stopped at Kneaders in Spanish Fork on our way!

my mom was SO surprised. We made her cry and it was awesome.

with the kiddos!

Trey LOVED the eggs at the hotel in the morning

game night at the hotel!

we took mom out to lunch + shopping!

Trey joined us. :D
Four generations! Grandpa McCleve, My dad, Me, and Trey!

March Shenanigans

March was full of being sick. Between Trey and I, we were sick a good chunk of the month....all while Allan was gone for Army Annual Training. I had so many of plans of getting stuff done and then NONE of it happened. :( That's okay though....lots of cuddles for mom!

sleeping sick baby. :(

fun with Aunt Daelynn!

breakfast pancakes with nutella, whipped cream and raspberries!

ALL the army stuff. :P

Trey's new hat!

trey and the chicken satay. he LOVED it.

fun with dad!

ballet baby!!

Trey LOVES standing by the door. It's his favorite.

first time in the swing!

my date for girl's night!

he suddenly decided he likes to eat my toes! EWWWW!

waiting for dad at the airport!

SO happy to see dad!

Hank the Cow snuggles

Trey cut his inside of his lip....on his birthday no less. :(

it healed nicely and he's totally doing fine now!