Monday, August 26, 2013

Nightstand: a DIY project

So, once upon a time, I made a goal to refinish my nightstand.

I had weeks to get it done, so of course I procrastinated until 4 days before my husband got home. :o)

The only before pic I have are from a long time ago... (I am really bad at taking before pics, I need to be better...)


So the wood was this honey oak color. The nightstand is long and kind of awkward. OH! and it has a drawer.

After much deliberation, I decided some spray paint, a stencil, and new hardware for the drawer would fix my dislike of this nightstand. are some in process pics (which I'm also bad at taking. lol.)


I wasn'tsure how much of the stencil I wanted to put on there...but here are the results of my DIY-ness...


I LOVE how the drawer turned out. Makes me so happy. I debated trying to stencil the bottom shelf...but decided it would be too hard. eh. oh well.

Now I have the problem that this nightstand is unnecessary due to the fact that we got a whole house full of furniture...but that's a story for another post. :o)

ANYWHO...I've decided I love spray paint. It makes me happy. the end.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Smithfield Shenanigans

This weekend Allan, Lindy, and I all went up toSmithfield to spend some time with Allan's side of the family. We had lots of fun adventures including seeing Monsters University at the dollar theater, having a picnic/BBQ in the park, and going to see Grandpa Gary's corn. 

Gary is a farmer here in Smithfield and I am always impressed by the hard work at he puts into his livelihood. Allan and I took a little drive out to parts of the farm to see how his corn was growing, and it looks amazing!!

The corn is super tall and is looking great! 

In love going up to Smithfield because it is always so nice, quiet and relaxing. Sure the winters are crazy cold, but it's a beautiful place. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New job + my husband is home!!!!!

So on August first I has my first day of work at my new job!!

I wore cute clothes:

And had a blast!! I am now a week into it, and I can say honestly that this was a great move for me. The people are nice, a little crazy, but that's normal for college professors. :) I have fun perks that make Allan and I really excited to move up to Weber County. 

At the end of my second day of work, I got to see my hubby!!!!!!

We had a wedding reception for a really good dancing friend of ours, but after that Allan took me home to quite the romantic evening. :)

A trail of roses from the front door, down the stairs, and into the room where the bed was also covered in rose petals. It was the most romantic thing (besides proposing) that Allan has ever done for me. So sweet. He also got me flowers that have been on my desk this last week. 

We spent the rest of our weekend real ing as much as possible. :) I am not going to lie, it is absolutely amazing to have him home. :)

31 for 31: Day Thirty-One

Today was my last day before starting my new job. I spent the day out with my sister shopping and then playing games with her and her husband.  So fun!!

Top: teal downeast with pink lace top
Bottom: black short slacks
Shoes: teal sandals
I loved pairing the teal with pink lace!!! I wish I had done it earlier. Oh we'll. I have also realized that this shirt had met it's end. It's showing a lot of wear and tear and it is time to move on.  

This marked the end of my challenge.  It was so fun!!! But I don't think that I will do it again anytime soon. 

31 for 31: Day Thirty

So....I kind of cheated this day. I didn't wear an outfit from my clothes. I spent the whole day in yoga pants and a t-shirt spray painting my nightstand.  (Post to come on that) 

After that I spent the rest of the night in dance clothes. real outfit today. Oh well. 

31 for 31: Day Twenty-Nine

Top: gray empire top with orange downeast
Bottom: blue chambray slacks
Shoes: gray keds

This was....ok. Didn't love this top with these shoes. Oh well. :)

31 for 31: Day Twenty-Eight

So....I got a little side tracked what with starting a new job and my hubby coming home... But! I did finish this challenge.  So let me show you the rest of the outfits!

Top: gray striped button up 
Bottom: brown pencil skirt
Shoes: white heeled sandals

 Loved this outfit.  It was cute and comfy. :)