Thursday, January 31, 2013

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..... NOT!!!

For the past three days I have woken up to ugly, gnarly, snowy conditions. It took me over an hour on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get to work. It was nasty and not so much fun.

However, today, the roads were clear. I got to work with minutes to spare. :) And looking at the forecast for the next week I am one VERY happy camper:

Sunshine! Temperatures above 20 degrees! What more could a girl ask for? (well...lots, but I'll be happy with this!)

In other news I've slowly started moving to the new place and this weekend is THE BIG MOVE of everything else. I am excited to get everything set up in the new place and to make it a home. :-) It will be fun times.

Also, because everyone keeps asking me - no, I do not know when I am getting married yet. I have a working date in late March, but we're still waiting for everything to go through. We met with our Stake President last night and he is dedicated to help us finish everything out and have everything in place so we can get married as soon as possible. I left that meeting last night with a lot of hope.

I was reminded of this quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles :
“To any who may be struggling to see that light and find that hope, I say: Hold on. Keep trying. God loves you. Things will improve. Christ comes to you in His ‘more excellent ministry’ with a future of ‘better promises.’ He is your ‘high priest of good things to come.’ ” - Jeffrey R. Holland, “An High Priest of Good Things to Come,” Ensign, Nov. 1999, 36
Isn't that just lovely? Hold on. don't give up. It will be okay. That is my mantra for this next month. January has been hard one for me in so many ways and I am glad that it is ending today. February will be a challenge to get through, but I have a feeling it will fly by like a blink of an eye. Which more than I can say for January. :)

Before I know it will be March. March brings my birthday, our wedding (hopefully) and warmer temperatures (at least, one can hope for that!). Life is good. It's going to get better. I just need to live one day at a time.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Weekend!!

Hey all! It's the weekend! I hope you have fun plans! Allan and I have already had one date night by going to see The Strike (an awesome new band) down at a brand new venue on BYU campus - The Wall. It was the most wonderful time and we had a blast. :-)

Tonight we're going to an afternoon movie and then out to dinner. It should be fun times.

In other news we got our engagement pictures back. :-) They are super cute and I put a few up on Facebook. Here's just a couple to give you a taste.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blame it on the weather

Lately the weather here in Utah could be summed up in one word: crappy.

It has been super cold with a nasty inversion hovering for weeks. We have inches and inches of snow everywhere that won't melt because sun is being blocked by the nastiest air quality I have seen in a long, long time. I step outside and start hacking up a lung.

So it's no surprise that today while at work I have felt down in the dumps, sad and depressed. I have decided to blame it on the weather. I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere because of how nasty it is outside.

Supposedly there is a front coming in this evening bringing some storminess and enough wind to get rid of this cold air pool of grossness. Looking at the forecast the weathermen are saying it will be 40+ degrees for the rest of the week/into the weekend. I never thought I would be SO HAPPY to see 40 degrees!

In other news the lease has been signed and the moving will commence in about a week's time. I'm actually getting really excited to move. I'm excited to have the kitchen (and rest of the house, but mostly the kitchen) be MINE and I don't have to share it with any other girl. (no offense to any of my past roommates - I'm just excited to have my own space to decide where things go and not worry about people changing that.) Allan does claim that he wants some say in it all, but let's be honest here....he doesn't really care and if something does bother him I told him to speak up and we'll discuss it. ;)

Never mind the fact that I have to pack everything up for the 2nd time in SIX months, I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life. It's just a sign that things are slowly falling into place and soon Allan will be able to move in with me and life will be even better.

In the meantime....if you're looking for something good to do for someone on Saturday, February 2nd, give me a call. I'm sure I can find a few boxes for you to carry......

until next time,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Success! We win!

Hello there friends!

At the beginning of last week, after being super sick, Allan and I made two goals of things we needed to give all our attention to for the week. Nothing else mattered beyond these two things and they were

1. Find somewhere to live (my current contract ends the 7th of February....and I need a home!)
2. Throw a fun party for Lindy on Saturday.

I am pleased to announce that even with getting strep throat Tuesday and being sick for 3 days, we succeeded in accomplishing BOTH goals! :-)

On Thursday evening I felt well enough that Allan and I went and took a look at 3 different living arrangements. The first one was in Midvale and was a good price, but SUPER tiny. The 2nd one was also in Midvale, was a bit bigger, but had a horrible layout and I hated it. The final one was an adorable townhome in American Fork. It was a good price, had lots of open space and plenty of windows/outlets (those things are important yo!) We fell in love with it. We took an application, filled it out in the car and met the landlord that night when we turned everything in. We talked with the landlord for 20 minutes! We thought she liked us and we hoped that she would give us the rental unit. Well, Saturday morning she gave us a call back and WE GOT THE PLACE!!!! Oh man, I am so excited! We sign a lease tomorrow night and we'll do most of the moving in on the 2nd of February. I'm so excited about this place. I'll live there by myself for just about 2 months until we (hopefully!) get married and then it will be OUR place and I'm just stoked about it. I've had a grin on my face over it all weekend long. :o)

Then, after staying up way too late working on final details Friday night, we threw Lindy her 3-year old birthday party. She was SO EXCITED. All of our family/friends that we invited (minus a few friends) were able to come and it was so great to see them all and for Lindy to get to share her birthday with them. It went of well, the games were fun, the food was good and Lindy was spoiled with lovely gifts from everyone. :o)

All in all it was a lovely weekend and successful week and I'm feeling a million times better. I just hope something else doesn't creep in and attack me. :)

Now I just have to pack everything up and move.....again...... :P

Until next time, ciao!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello my friends!

Life has been so busy lately and I have been running myself into the ground. The evidence of that is the fact that I have been so sick the past few days. I'm pretty sure it's been some sort of flu or just a really, really bad cold. I had a really bad day yesterday, but am starting to feel a little bit better this morning.

The good news is that most of everything for our wedding reception is finally falling into place. Minus the fact that we don't officially have a date yet, we have been able to make some decisions regarding what we want and I'm happy that some things are falling into place.

In other news we took our engagement pictures last weekend in Ogden and it was a warm 18 degrees. I say warm, because it was below 10 degrees in Smithfield the entire time we were up there. The lowest we saw it was -14 degrees. It was super cold. :o) However, despite the cold I think we got some really good shots and I'm really excited to see all of the pictures. :o)

And now I think I'll get back to being sick on my living room couch while the snow continues to fall here at my house. Good thing it's my day off! Free snow day to me! :)