Monday, January 21, 2013

Success! We win!

Hello there friends!

At the beginning of last week, after being super sick, Allan and I made two goals of things we needed to give all our attention to for the week. Nothing else mattered beyond these two things and they were

1. Find somewhere to live (my current contract ends the 7th of February....and I need a home!)
2. Throw a fun party for Lindy on Saturday.

I am pleased to announce that even with getting strep throat Tuesday and being sick for 3 days, we succeeded in accomplishing BOTH goals! :-)

On Thursday evening I felt well enough that Allan and I went and took a look at 3 different living arrangements. The first one was in Midvale and was a good price, but SUPER tiny. The 2nd one was also in Midvale, was a bit bigger, but had a horrible layout and I hated it. The final one was an adorable townhome in American Fork. It was a good price, had lots of open space and plenty of windows/outlets (those things are important yo!) We fell in love with it. We took an application, filled it out in the car and met the landlord that night when we turned everything in. We talked with the landlord for 20 minutes! We thought she liked us and we hoped that she would give us the rental unit. Well, Saturday morning she gave us a call back and WE GOT THE PLACE!!!! Oh man, I am so excited! We sign a lease tomorrow night and we'll do most of the moving in on the 2nd of February. I'm so excited about this place. I'll live there by myself for just about 2 months until we (hopefully!) get married and then it will be OUR place and I'm just stoked about it. I've had a grin on my face over it all weekend long. :o)

Then, after staying up way too late working on final details Friday night, we threw Lindy her 3-year old birthday party. She was SO EXCITED. All of our family/friends that we invited (minus a few friends) were able to come and it was so great to see them all and for Lindy to get to share her birthday with them. It went of well, the games were fun, the food was good and Lindy was spoiled with lovely gifts from everyone. :o)

All in all it was a lovely weekend and successful week and I'm feeling a million times better. I just hope something else doesn't creep in and attack me. :)

Now I just have to pack everything up and move.....again...... :P

Until next time, ciao!

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