Monday, September 23, 2013

Moving Adventures

So, we moved this weekend. YAY!!!!!

However, we are not yet actually LIVING in our new place. :(

See, our new place (as awesome and lovely it is) went through some renovations right before we moved in (yay!). Due to these renovations, the water was turned off. It has not been turned back on yet. This is a problem in most daily needs.

Also, our lovely new fridge does not fit in the space that the old fridge fit in. There is a small (probably 8 inches or less) cupboard that seperated the fridge and stove...and it must go for the fridge to fit. The landlord is supposed to take care of all of this today. I hope.

Allan is easy going that all of this just rolls off of him and he's handling it really well. I'm a planner and this whole situation throws me into a tailspin.  sigh.  Lucky me to have a husband who can deal with this because I'm going crazy.

All of this will be worth it in the end...I'm just hoping the end is sooner rather than later......

Hopefully the next time I post, we'll be sleeping in our new place. :o)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just keep packing, just keep packing, just keep packing.....

You might remember back in July when I posted about leaving my current job and getting a new one. 

Allan and I knew that as soon as I got a new job we would start to look for a place to live that was within a reasonable distance of our works. With both Allan and I working in the Ogden, UT area we started looking in Weber county for somewhere to live. When life slowed down a little bit (ha! like it ever slows down...) we finally made it out and about to look at a couple of places.

The second place we looked at we fell in love with it immediately. The guy renting it out is wanting to retire and hasn't really dealt with it for almost a year. He was in the middle of renovating the whole place. New carpet, new paint, new appliances, etc. It's a 2-bedroom, 2-bath place that is perfect for our little family. We talked about it, slept on it, and the next day got him our contract and part of the deposit. The great thing is this guy really wants to get out of renting and is willing to sell us the place - so we're looking at purchasing it. :o)

So now....we're packing. All day, all night - all I can think about is all the stuff we have to move. :P The good news is that I don't think we'll have to move for a long time yet after this move. At least, I hope that's the case - because 3 moves in one year is 3 moves too many in my opinion. ;)

Saturday can't come and go soon enough! :-)

How we got a whole household full of furniture for next to nothing...

So, this post is a long time coming, I know. Life is busy around these parts! What with moving...(yup. Moving. A post will be coming shortly [i think] about that.) and playing and all sorts of other things, I just haven't had time.

ANYWAYS. Back in June, Allan's Aunt Beth texted him some pictures of some really nice furniture....and asked us if we wanted their entire dining room set (which included a table with leaf extenders, 6 chairs, a china cabinet and a buffet table). Then she asked if we wanted their couch and loveseat. THEN she asked if we wanted the bedroom set (including the bed + mattress, man dresser and woman dresser + vanity.) The only catch was that we would need to get down to the Palm Springs area of California and rent a moving truck and drive back all that furniture. We thought it out - and decided that we'd never get a deal like this again (plus we could sell all of our old furniture) and finally said yes!

After switching dates a couple of times, we drove off one Friday afternoon in a cute red Ford Focus we rented from the car rental. We got to Palm Springs just fine and the next morning got our rental truck and returned the car. Aunt Beth had not only all that furniture for us, but other odds and ends for us to take as well. Our 16' moving truck was very full! The great things is that Aunt Beth gave us some money to help make the trip and also hired movers to pack up the moving truck for us.  We then drove home Sunday and with some fun adventures on the way (like getting pulled over for "not paying for our gas" [we did pay for it]) we got home and got everything unloaded.

We now have a very full house of furniture - since we knew we'd be moving so soon we didn't unpack a lot of the stuff - and the china cabinet is in two pieces in Lindy's bedroom. :o) BUT it makes me very excited to get all moved and organized in our new place. :o)

the "buffet" table

the china cabinet and one of the chairs from the table set

*I'll try to post more pictures when we move into our new place - maybe you'll even get a tour! (don't hold your breath waiting for that.....)