Thursday, July 25, 2013

End of an Era

We interrupt my little 31 for 31 challenge posts with a post about life.

Today is the end of an era around these parts. See....I'm leaving my current employment - a place where I have been for four and a half years to move on to other things.

See, back at the end of May Allan was basically handed a new job that was what he was doing when we were dating just as a civilian contractor instead of being on military orders. Even though it's way up North - it was a 30% increase in income and would help further his career. Allan took the job and started June 1st.

I had looked around and interviewed a little bit here and there for new opportunities, but nothing ever seemed to work out. Shortly after Allan took his new job we had a conversation about what we want for our future and what not. Commuting is not something either of us enjoy, so soon after Allan started working, I started applying for jobs in the same area as Allan's employment. I had 1 phone interview (which didn't work out because the job paid a lot less than I was willing to accept), 1 in person interview (which is slightly comical and I knew I didn't get the job before I even left the office) and THEN I had this amazing interview at for a job and I felt SO GOOD about it. They offered me the job 2.5 weeks ago and I start August 1st!

I'm so excited for my new job opportunity and the wonderful things that will come from this job. I'll get the chance to learn and grow some more and use the skills I already have to help out my new employer. It's going to be good and it feels so right.

Today is my last day at my current job. I've been here for so long and it's been my second home that it feels weird to be leaving it. Kind of like leaving behind school and my single life in a lot of ways. Even though I got married while at this job - it still feels like it's tied to my single life/post college days in so many ways. I'm excited to start a new adventure and get to create my identity as a married woman - my maiden name won't really ever come up. :o) (not that I don't love being connected to my maiden name - it's an identity thing though...)


Changes abound in our household and it's fun and exciting. I keep trying to imagine life five-ten years down the road and it's just so weird to think about. I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life figuring things out with my best friend. :o)

Ciao y'all!

P.S. Only 8 more sleeps without my husband. :o) He'll get home on my 2nd day of work of my new job. woo hoo!

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