Tuesday, July 2, 2013

31 for 31: Day Two

I'm feeling much better today. :o) This is a good thing. I hate being sick. I have the hardest time being okay with staying home sick and not doing anything. I started watching GOSSIP GIRL. I think it's going to be my guilty pleasure show while Allan is gone. :o)

ANYWHO....here's outfit numero dos:

Top: white downeast with my pink lace top
Bottom: Brown skirt
Shoes: white heeled sandals
Accessories: metal filigree headband, brown beaded bracelet,  and a multi-chain pink/gold necklace (i almost never wear this necklace and have almost gotten rid of it on several occasions. I am happy it works today!

One of the reason I went with this outfit was because Allan and I are going to the temple this evening and I didn't want to wear two different outfits today. :o) I'm lazy like that....anywho, have a great day! Ciao!

PS. My friend Hilary is playing with us! Make sure to check out her outfits too! :o)

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