Monday, July 1, 2013

31 for 31: The Items

So, I am really excited about this challenge! I have picked my items and am ready to get the ball rolling!

Without further ado - my 31 items!!

1. Blue heathered slacks
2. Black dress shorts
3. Jean shorts
4. Brown cargo capris

5. Black strapless dress
6. Black lace pencil skirt
7. Green a-line eyelet skirt 
8. Brown pencil skirt
9. Pink a-line skirt
10. Teal damask maxi skirt

11. Grey empire shirt
12. Coral button up
13. Orange lace top
14. Blue top with button accents
15. Red t-shirt

16. Black downeast top
17. Teal downeast top
18. Teal patterned empire top
19. Pink tank top
20. Grey t-shirt

21. Gray striped button up
22. Orange downeast top
23. Cream lace mock wrap
24. Pink lace top
25. White downeast top
26. Floral shirt dress

27. Pink peep toe shoes
28. White heeled sandals
29. Grey keds
30. Coral sandals
31. Teal sandals

There you go! I M excited to do this challenge. One rule I have told myself that I have to keep in mind is that I need to create 31 completely different outfits. Just changing out my shoes OR accessories does not count. Here goes!!!

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