Thursday, June 27, 2013

31 for 31 Challenge: Introduction

Hey y'all! So....if you read yesterday's post then you know that I have a ton of ambition in completing five different tasks while my husband is gone. :o) One of these goals is to do a 31 for 31 Challenge. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, let me tell you what this is....

So, this challenge is to take 31 items from your closet and make outfits out of these items every day for 31 days. There have been a variety of ways people have done this (as seen here, here and here).

I have decided that I am going to do my own version of this challenge. I am going to take 31 pieces of clothing and shoes. I am not going to count accessories as part of this challenge - although you can if you want to. I might try another challenge another time using accessories in it, but really this challenge is about me making use of my clothes as they are and finding new ways to wear things! :o) I haven't decided on my 31 pieces of clothing yet, but I will do that this weekend and post that by Monday. I am starting this July 1st, so this is a challenge that will be started w/my husband here and finished with him gone. :o)

While doing this challenge I am going to try and not go shopping for anything. HOWEVER, I have already told myself that I want a pair of colored, skinny jeans AND my husband is going to be gone, so some shopping might happen. The rule for me though will be that I can't wear said new clothes until the challenge is over. :o) We'll see how that goes.

So now the question is....will you join me? :o)

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