Tuesday, May 20, 2014

He's HOME!!! (and a project report)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that my husband is HOME.

I'll tell you more about what we did this weekend, but first I want to give you a project update. Last time we talked projects I had finished three of my projects and was hacking away at my list. Well, I'm happy to report that of the 14 item list I have completed 10 of the items, have decided to not do two of them at this time (they were maybe's anyways) and have two of the projects in process. :D GO ME!! I have felt very productive while Allan has been gone and it's been good.

Let's review, shall we?

Here's the list:

1. finish making Lindy’s curtains
this is in progress, I don't have a finished picture yet. SOON!

2. scrapbook wedding book (have started this project! will finish hopefully by June 19th)

My favorite page so far!

3. finish small pillows for couch (need to get the main fabric for small pillows) 

4. fabric wallpaper the cabinet doors (measure all the doors, get fabric)

5. make a new purse 

6. bed skirt! 

7. Canvas Art

8. Living Room Curtains (decided to wait on this one for now.)

9. Master Bedroom Curtains/valance (decided to wait on this one for now - although I think I know what I’m going to do)

10. Table runners for and wall table by kitchen
(no picture yet....sorry!)
11. photo canvas established thingy

12. Lindy dresses (3) (two down, one to go)

bottom one needs hemming and some kind of sash, still figuring out that one....

13. Add flutter sleeves to Lindy’s Zebra dress

14. Turn Tinkerbell PJ’s into dress 

So there you go! :) It felt so good to have a purpose while Allan was gone. It was good.

Friday, May 2, 2014

REVIEW: Hair, Skin, Nails by ItWorks!

My friend Tyne is an ItWorks! Distributor. Several weeks ago I saw posts about people trying their new product: Hair, Skin, Nails.

Being one who is sick of her short hair and wanting long hair yesterday, I decided to try it.

Here's where I was on the first day (April 8):

Here is where I was at after 8 days (April 16):

Here is where I was at after 2 weeks (April 22):

And 3 weeks (April 29):

And here's a comparison of Day one to Week Three:

Now, obviously I am still taking the stuff, and I'll keep taking pictures (maybe not as often? we'll see...) but I can say this: my hair is SO MUCH HEALTHIER! It is very smooth, and I don't have to use any product to make it that way. It feels GREAT! It looks great. I feel like the color has changed a bit too...but seeing as how I'm growing out my colored hair, this doesn't bother me and it doesn't look bad. We'll see how this continues to go, I'm just hoping for collar bone length hair by June 19th. ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update on Projects!

Hey guys! Remember how my husband is gone? Well....I do. :D My sister was supposed to have her baby before now so that I could have a new baby to distract me....but alas, she has not yet gone into labor. lol. Babies just come on their own time, don't they? :D

ANYWHO. I have gone to visit her, been to a dance performance, ate dinner with my girl friends AND done several of my projects. Here's what I have done as of right this minute:

1. finish making Lindy's curtains.  This is DONE! I don't have a picture of the finished project because....well I can't get them up on my own and I haven't asked a neighbor to help me. I'll get a picture soon. Promise. But for now, here's the tutorial I followed (I had to make two panels, because...I didn't measure before and just blindly followed this tutorial. Bad Idea.) I did them in pink though since that's Lindy's favorite color. :)

2. Bed Skirt. This is also DONE! I am in LOVE with my bed skirt. I used a combination of these two tutorials: this one and this one. And here's the finished project:

Now I just need more decorative pillows...and maybe a valence or curtains for the windows. I haven't decided yet. :D

3. Add flutter sleeves to Lindy's Zebra dress. This is another project I can cross off the list! It turned out DARLING. I used this tutorial as a jumping point (mostly for measurements), but ended up using really wide ribbon to make the sleeves rather than fabric. SO EASY. Behold:

Cute, right? :D

I have been working on dresses for Lindy and have even mostly finished one, but I haven't taken any pictures yet...you'll have to wait until I'm all done with all three. :) Also, I've finally got the fabric for my small pillow covers and have decided what each one is going to look like and I'm going to get started on those tonight I think.

So there you go...a few of my projects finished, several in progress. and 15 days until my handsome husband comes home. I can't wait!!!