Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update on Projects!

Hey guys! Remember how my husband is gone? Well....I do. :D My sister was supposed to have her baby before now so that I could have a new baby to distract me....but alas, she has not yet gone into labor. lol. Babies just come on their own time, don't they? :D

ANYWHO. I have gone to visit her, been to a dance performance, ate dinner with my girl friends AND done several of my projects. Here's what I have done as of right this minute:

1. finish making Lindy's curtains.  This is DONE! I don't have a picture of the finished project because....well I can't get them up on my own and I haven't asked a neighbor to help me. I'll get a picture soon. Promise. But for now, here's the tutorial I followed (I had to make two panels, because...I didn't measure before and just blindly followed this tutorial. Bad Idea.) I did them in pink though since that's Lindy's favorite color. :)

2. Bed Skirt. This is also DONE! I am in LOVE with my bed skirt. I used a combination of these two tutorials: this one and this one. And here's the finished project:

Now I just need more decorative pillows...and maybe a valence or curtains for the windows. I haven't decided yet. :D

3. Add flutter sleeves to Lindy's Zebra dress. This is another project I can cross off the list! It turned out DARLING. I used this tutorial as a jumping point (mostly for measurements), but ended up using really wide ribbon to make the sleeves rather than fabric. SO EASY. Behold:

Cute, right? :D

I have been working on dresses for Lindy and have even mostly finished one, but I haven't taken any pictures'll have to wait until I'm all done with all three. :) Also, I've finally got the fabric for my small pillow covers and have decided what each one is going to look like and I'm going to get started on those tonight I think.

So there you go...a few of my projects finished, several in progress. and 15 days until my handsome husband comes home. I can't wait!!!

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