Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Operation: Be Crafty

Less than a year ago I posted some goals of things I wanted to do while Allan was at his Annual Training (AT) for about a month. I didn't really do a good follow-up on how that all went down, and for that I apologize. My 31-day challenge and leaving/starting a new job kind of took over my life. Add to that the fact that I wasn't sleeping or eating well with my new husband gone, I struggled.

Well, that annual training season is upon us once again. My husband's brigade is going MUCH earlier this year - he leaves on Monday. He will be gone for 26 days and then once again still have drill the weekend that he returns. le sigh.

Now that I know what to expect on how I will feel/act/do etc while my husband is gone. I know that I have a hard time eating and sleeping and I'm trying to prepare myself for that this time. Also, while I had a lot of craft projects I wanted to complete last year I found that I had no motivation to get the supplies and then start said projects. I am not completely sure why the motivation to shop for crafty supplies left me, but it did.

This year, I've tried to mitigate some of the problems I had last year by preparing myself better for the next 4 weeks. I have more than a dozen projects that I want to finish while Allan is gone. Add to that the fact that my little sister BreeAnn is due to have a baby sometime in the next two weeks, and I'm pretty sure I'll be a busy person. :D Hopefully the time flies until Allan comes back and it won't be too bad without him.

So...without further ado, here's the plan for Operation: Be Crafty for while Allan is gone. :)

1. finish making Lindy’s curtains (I've done one of the panels, but I need to do the other one. I've purchased the supplies)

2. scrapbook wedding book (I picked all the photos I want to use, I just need to get the photos printed and then start scrapbooking away!)

3. finish small pillows for couch (need to get the main fabric still. I have accent fabric.)

4. fabric wallpaper the cabinet doors (see this inspiration post for what I mean. I still need to measure all the doors, and get fabric)

5. Master Bed bed skirt! ( (fabric has been washed and dried, just need to cut and sew!)

6. Canvas Crayon Art ( I am using the following two posts for my inspiration: and this one:

7. Living Room Curtains (MAYBE. I haven't decided if I'm actually going to get to this or not. If I do I'll need to get fabric)

8. Master Bedroom Curtains/valance(MAYBE. I haven't decided if I'm actually going to get to this or not. If I do I'll need to get fabric -- maybe same stuff to match the bedskirt for a valance?)

9. Table runners for lv room table and wall table by kitchen (bought fabric, washed and dried, just cut and sew!) 

10. photo canvas established thingy (see this ( post for what I'm talking about. I've bought my canvases, created my text for the established canvas, and gotten pictures printed.)

11. Lindy dresses (3) (I'm going to make her some more of this dress: I've already bought the t-shirts and have most of the fabric on hand. One of my fabrics needs to be lined, so I need to get white fabric for that.)

12. Add flutter sleeves to Lindy’s Zebra shirt-dress. (I'm talking about THIS shirt-dress, and I want her to be able to wear it in the summer, but an undershirt will be too hot, but I think I can add flutter sleeves to it and it will be great. (I need to buy black fabric for this.)

13. Turn Lindy's Tinkerbell PJ’s into dress. (Lindy has these adorable flannel Tinkerbell Pj's that are a long-sleeved button up shirt and pants. (that are way too small) I am going to try my hand at turning them into a nightgown with short sleeves. We'll see how well it goes. :P )

So there you go. My crafty plan. Ambitious? Yes. However I'm okay with being ambitious. I've put together a rough plan of when I'm going to start/work on each project. That plan is subject to change depending on when Breezy's baby comes. :D Here we go!!!

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