Friday, April 4, 2014

Everything you ever wanted to know about my wedding.....PART TWO

Okay Peeps. I'm back!

My wedding day was seriously SO CHILL. My best friend Becky came and we went up to Logan the night before the wedding and stayed in a hotel in downtown. We watched chick flicks and ate Easter candy and just giggled over the fact that I was getting married the next day. My wedding day we had HOURS before having to even start getting ready. We enjoyed a lazy morning of silly morning game shows and got ourselves caught up on all the jazz of The Voice. :) It was a fun morning.

So...we had our wedding ceremony at a chapel in Smithfield. Allan's former YSA bishop (from when we first started dating) performed the ceremony. We had the opportunity to say a few words to each other and it was very tender. I cried. I honestly don't remember much, just that when everyone cheered at the end of the ceremony my nephew cried. :D


We spent a day way back in November during a planning session going to all sorts of places to look at them for our reception. The best and my ultimate favorite was by far, Cafe Sabor. It used to be an old train depot and they had this amazing space that was just PERFECT. They handled everything for us. They got tablecloths in our colors, put up ALL of our decor for us, and made everything just very easy.

For our decor we went with tissue paper balls that my sister, mom and I made (I heard there was some crazy last minute making of these the night before the wedding...but I wasn't there, so whatever. :D ) I also made a cute banner for the head table, and all the center pieces were glass votives that we spray painted to look like mercury glass and put battery operated tea lights in.


My AMAZING little brother Caleb designed all of our invites and all coordinating cards. I LOVED how they turned out. He designed the swirlies, the "C" for my name (because I didn't like the original one that came with the font) and just was AWESOME. I used a GREAT printer down in Spanish Fork. I was able to get everything printed on linen paper which added to the feel I wanted for the invites and was perfect. Caleb also designed a little postcard that we sent to everyone that we wanted to tell, but wasn't invited to the ceremony/reception. This we printed at a place in Orem. It wasn't amazing, but it worked. We ALSO printed a thank you card (just on gray card stock from my personal computer) for everyone's dinner plate. All in all I'm VERY happy with how the paper goods turned out. 


If you hadn't noticed, I had an amazing photographer: Brandi Lyn with Brandi Lyn Photography. Brandi Lyn was AMAZING to work with. She nailed our style down pat during our formals session. (we had engagement photography done by Allan's cousin) She was fabulous at our wedding and even when I freaked out when I wasn't getting her emails, she was super calm and all worked out in the end. I still am friends with her on Facebook/follow her on instagram and she's AWESOME. She captured all the right moments at our wedding/reception and I love the keepsake photos that I'll have for forever and ever.


After dinner we went out on the patio and had our fathers say some words. We also cut our cake --w which was really a Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake. Oh man, that was the best decision ever. I made our cake topper and found our cake cutting tools at Hobby Lobby.

After all of those shenanigans we had our first dance, which per the tradition in our family (as it seems to be) my Dad interrupted it...but then Allan and I finished it out and then we had the Father/Daughter Mother/Son dance. Then the party got started and we had dancing for an hour or so. We had SO MUCH and our good friends Benji and Melissa dj'd our dance for us. They played all of our favorites and on a couple of the songs EVERYONE got up and danced. It was AWESOME.


After we decided we were done dancing and it was time to get on to other activities *wink wink*. We left the restaurant amid confetti poppers that scared the beejebers out of us. We got in our car (after popping a bazillion balloons) and as soon as we turned it on we were attacked by star glitter things. Those things got EVERYWHERE...including down my dress and in my hair. We still find a few every once in a while. :)

Honestly, everything was amazing. I think I covered everything...we had a simple honeymoon up in Bear Lake at Allan's timeshare with Worldmark. It was perfect.

So there you. My wedding. :-) We just received our sealing clearance last night, and so now the planning begins for our sealing day in June. :D :D :D (granted it won't be quite as big of an affair, but still fun and still important to us.) until our next adventure my friends.....ciao!

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