Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everything you ever wanted to know about my wedding.....PART ONE

Well. I've talked about wanting to do this post for OVER a year. And I'm finally getting to it y'all.

I'm sorry. Married life is busy. ;)

ANYWAYS. I wanted to tell you all about my wedding, because it was absolutely perfect and it was everything I wanted it to be at this point in my life. When I was younger I was SO SURE that I wanted the standard Mormon reception where you invite all 500 bazillion people you know, make a bunch of nut and mint cups, serve BYU mint brownies, and then sneak out of the reception early because you're sick of standing in some long line.

Well. When it came time to plan my wedding I KNEW that I didn't want to do that. Any of it. I know there were a lot of people who would have loved coming to a reception like that in support of me and Allan and it would've been fun. BUT at the same time I wanted something sophisticated and intimate. I wanted the people that have ALWAYS been close to me and that will continue to be close to me for the rest of my life.

Thus, our less than 100 guest list was born. Allan wanted something similar and invited even fewer people than I did, but we were both happy with our decision. I know some people felt like they should be there...but alas, it wasn't meant to be according to us. :D

ANYWAYS. Shortly after I started this I realized that there is A LOT to cover. So, PART ONE will be all about what we wore, colors, flowers, and accessories. PART TWO will be all about our photographer, the wedding itself (what we did and why) and everything to do with the reception (restaurant, cake, etc)


We went with teal, gray (of varying shades) and cream. Here's a link to my wedding inspiration board so you can see what I was sort of going for when it came to my dress and theme.


After shopping with my mom (and perusing Pinterest and knowing kind of what I wanted) and not finding anything, we took the plunge and ordered a dress from China, my mom whacked off the bodice (because it wasn't what I wanted) and then we shipped a mock bodice and then the real thing back and forth 3 (4?) times from VA to UT and back. The finished product still need a few alterations that we were able to find a freind of a friend to do for $50 dollars (I think?). It was a satin pleated top with fake buttons down the back in ivory, with an ivory organza vertical ruffled skirt with a little bit of a train. My mom is AMAZING and the end result was GORGEOUS.

See for yourself:


I found my shoes at Head over Heels in the Logan Mall, I made my own hair piece (and decorated bobby pins) from a headband thing I found at Kohl's (I cut and slashed and added bling to it. :) ) my bracelet and earrings were made by my mom. :) I did my own hair, which I practiced several times (and it turned out amazing for EVERYTHING) and my own makeup. (I used a lot of e.l.f. products) The AMAZING Jesse Keefe did my nails based off a picture I found on Pinterest.


I had a very clear vision of what I wanted for my bouquet and could (mostly) care less about the other flowers. I knew that I wouldn't have much choice given out color scheme, but wanted it all to be classy.  We went to this small little place in Salt Lake that Allan knew about for the mother/father/groom's flowers and I made mine and Lindy's bouquets. Ambitious? Maybe -- but I started it WAY early, had it done in PLENTY of time and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. :D We went with small lilies as the main flower and some other flower that I can't remember for the filler on the corsages. :) Lindy's bouquet is a minitaure version of mine and filled with teal and cream fabric and fake flowers as well as different types of metal broach flower things I found at Hobby Lobby/Michael's. I used toilet paper tubes to make the base and after a lot of hot glue had our flowers done. :)


We got Allan's suit at a clearance sale at Dillards. We had it tailored by Stitched Specialties in Midvale. (they were AMAZING) We rented his vest/tie/shoes from a place in Logan (the only one that had a teal that I liked) and then we got him (and his bestman) "matching" cufflinks. (we got the ones that were monograms of everyone's last name.)


My mom made her dress, I made the flower that went on her dress/in her hair. My mom also made her a necklace. :)

Everyone else was given paint chip cards with the wedding colors and they were responsible for finding something to wear. I really didn't care what people wore so much and I wasn't going to make people buy something they were never going to wear again. For the most part everyone nailed it on the head. There were a couple of outfits that I would've changed, but it really doesn't matter what people wore. :D

Stay tuned for a blog about the rest of my wedding everything. :D until next time....ciao!

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