Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One-Year Anniversary

Well. We did it.

We made it past the one-year mark. :) I love Allan so much and know that I am SO lucky to get to be married to him. 

Marriage is a funny thing - I feel like in the Mormon culture so much is associated with being intimate with a person when being married, but there is really SO MUCH MORE than just that.

The past year has had a steep learning curve of being a wife AND a mother. Who would've thought I'd be potty-training a toddler after being married for 3 weeks? Not this girl. (but totally rocket it like a boss y'all.) I have loved the journey that I have been on so far, and I look forward to learning so much more as time rolls on.

Allan and I decided a few months before our anniversary that we would trade off on years of being in-charge. (so this year he did Valentine's and I did our Anniversary and it will switch every year) Being the one in-charge this year, and loving to be reminiscent of things, we went to Cafe Sabor for dinner. Cafe Sabor is where we had our wedding dinner/reception and I just love the place. :) (I am working on the vendors blog post! It will go up VERY SOON!) Then we went to the Logan Temple to do some sealings. (we decided we wanted that to be part of our celebrations every year.)

We also decided that we didn't want to do gifts every year. (we'll tackle the "big ones" [5, 10, 15, etc] when they come up) Instead we decided that every year we'll write a letter to each other in a journal. This will be an amazing keepsake we can have for our children and I'm excited about it. Allan claims to have a hard time with words, but he always says the exact right thing. I loved reading this year's letter. :) Here's to a bazillion more years together and the eternities to follow. :D

us outside the Logan Temple before doing sealings, after eating dinner.

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