Saturday, August 10, 2013

New job + my husband is home!!!!!

So on August first I has my first day of work at my new job!!

I wore cute clothes:

And had a blast!! I am now a week into it, and I can say honestly that this was a great move for me. The people are nice, a little crazy, but that's normal for college professors. :) I have fun perks that make Allan and I really excited to move up to Weber County. 

At the end of my second day of work, I got to see my hubby!!!!!!

We had a wedding reception for a really good dancing friend of ours, but after that Allan took me home to quite the romantic evening. :)

A trail of roses from the front door, down the stairs, and into the room where the bed was also covered in rose petals. It was the most romantic thing (besides proposing) that Allan has ever done for me. So sweet. He also got me flowers that have been on my desk this last week. 

We spent the rest of our weekend real ing as much as possible. :) I am not going to lie, it is absolutely amazing to have him home. :)

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