Monday, August 26, 2013

Nightstand: a DIY project

So, once upon a time, I made a goal to refinish my nightstand.

I had weeks to get it done, so of course I procrastinated until 4 days before my husband got home. :o)

The only before pic I have are from a long time ago... (I am really bad at taking before pics, I need to be better...)


So the wood was this honey oak color. The nightstand is long and kind of awkward. OH! and it has a drawer.

After much deliberation, I decided some spray paint, a stencil, and new hardware for the drawer would fix my dislike of this nightstand. are some in process pics (which I'm also bad at taking. lol.)


I wasn'tsure how much of the stencil I wanted to put on there...but here are the results of my DIY-ness...


I LOVE how the drawer turned out. Makes me so happy. I debated trying to stencil the bottom shelf...but decided it would be too hard. eh. oh well.

Now I have the problem that this nightstand is unnecessary due to the fact that we got a whole house full of furniture...but that's a story for another post. :o)

ANYWHO...I've decided I love spray paint. It makes me happy. the end.

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