Thursday, May 18, 2017

March Shenanigans

March was full of being sick. Between Trey and I, we were sick a good chunk of the month....all while Allan was gone for Army Annual Training. I had so many of plans of getting stuff done and then NONE of it happened. :( That's okay though....lots of cuddles for mom!

sleeping sick baby. :(

fun with Aunt Daelynn!

breakfast pancakes with nutella, whipped cream and raspberries!

ALL the army stuff. :P

Trey's new hat!

trey and the chicken satay. he LOVED it.

fun with dad!

ballet baby!!

Trey LOVES standing by the door. It's his favorite.

first time in the swing!

my date for girl's night!

he suddenly decided he likes to eat my toes! EWWWW!

waiting for dad at the airport!

SO happy to see dad!

Hank the Cow snuggles

Trey cut his inside of his lip....on his birthday no less. :(

it healed nicely and he's totally doing fine now!

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