Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New House

So....we did a thing. One evening I was looking on Facebook and I noticed a friend of mine selling his house. For an amazing price. He was willing to give a friend an even BETTER deal, if an offer was made right away. Allan and I went and looked at it, fell in love, and bought it. We moved 6 weeks later.

I 100% saw the Lord's hand in this move. We weren't planning on moving AT ALL, but it worked out so easily that it was just the best thing ever. So now we're in an adorable house across the street from WSU and love your neighborhood and ward. It's the best!!
our "we just bought a house" faces!

in the middle of packing...

the night before the move...

EMPTY condo!

view from our front porch the Sunday after the move

our new house!!

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