Thursday, May 18, 2017

February Adventures

Lots of sickness, smiles, cuddles, dancing, and new things. quite the month if you ask me!

more sick. Sick babies are so sad. :(

Happy again!

Costco Baby!

cuddles with dad!

cuddles with a stuffed animal!

Lindy got a mermaid tail cuddle bag thing from Grandma Koni for her birthday. She LOVES it.

lindy's birthday date to the ballet: Sleeping Beauty!

so glad this guy can hold these himself. Makes feeding time EASY

valentine's day date dancing on campus!

I became a thirty-one consultant! LOVE these products.

learning how to stand!

and read! :D

Rainbow curtains for Lindy's closet (I need more ribbon!)

Her new Gallery Wall!

and an AWESOME quote above her bed.

LindyCon swing dancing!

Reading to little brother...

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