Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Steampunk Wedding

At the very beginning of November we went to Virginia for my little brother's wedding. We're now all officially married!! We had a blast visiting my parents and doing fun things. It was so great to take my family out there.

SO CLOSE to crawling!

waiting for the shuttle to the airport!

SO MUCH luggage

let's fly!


chillin' with Grandpa Mac

the arboretum where my brother got married

cousins with parasols

meeting the JMU mascot Duke!

my parents' backyard

Lindy found a GIANT leaf

flying home

funny story: while waiting for our flight on our layover we ran into Allan's cousin Julio. SO RANDOM.

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  1. How cute!! Baby is just looking lovely in all photographs. Hey dear I have also hired an experienced photographer for my wedding on reference of my friend and going for pre wedding shoot just next week. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos with us. Waiting for my party at event venue Atlanta in next few days.