Thursday, May 18, 2017

January Adventures

We had a lot of fun in January after the holidays. Trey ate new foods, Lindy got one year older and we got more snow. (not my favorite part of the month)

we painted Lindy's's the best "BEFORE" pic I have
All painted! Still to be decorated....

poor buddy was sick. :(

my Christmas present was an Instant Pot and I LOVE it.

Trey eats bananas

Allan and I were babysitting and Rusha found some Rusha and green carpet. :P

Lindy sewing a sock cow!

celebrating Lindy and Emily's birthdays at DnD

Lindy's surprise cake I made to celebrate her birthday

Trey loves Lindy's soft blanket.


SO MUCH SNOW. We got more later that day

I feel ya buddy, I feel ya.

aaaaand....I got stuck trying to get home. (I got stuck several times this winter)

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