Monday, November 24, 2014

Laundry Space

I'll get back to updating our lives later....but *spoiler alert* one of the big things that happened in September was us closing on the condo we've lived in for the past year. *HAPPY DANCE* (more info about that later.)

Seriously, this is the best thing to happen and I'm SO HAPPY about it. :D With ownership comes the want to really make the place MINE. So....I created a list and picked a project to start....and then my husband informed me that while he doesn't care what project we do, he really does think it should be one that will give us more storage space or something. So...we compromised. I wanted a fun project, he wanted practical we combined them and decided to tackle the....Laundry Space.

Here's our laundry room back at the first of November:

It was, quite literally, a disaster. We collect juice/pop bottles and use them for water storage and they were getting out of hand. We finally took some time and filled them up and put them away. I was left with this:

A little bit better, but still, not ideal. Also, notice all that unused space above the shelf? Yeah, I wasn't digging that. Enter: Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest. My mom sent me a pin of a really fun laundry room that someone else did. So, I copied them.

However, I didn't like their black crates because of the lighting of my space. SO....I went with a fun bright blue. I gave y'all a sneak peek on Instagram a few weeks ago:

It was a HUGE pain to paint these suckers, but they turned out nice so I'm happy.

Pretty, no? While I was off teaching Saturday morning, my sweet husband took down the hideous, long shelf from the laundry room.

THEN came the installing. Not knowing where studs might be in our wall, and not wanting (at this time) to get a stud finder...we decided to use liquid nails in combo with a hammer and nail. In retrospect I would have rented a nail gun from Home Depot. Those suckers were a pain to nail to the wall!

We did have to stop just about half way for two reasons: 1) we ran out of liquid nails. We had to get some more before finishing and 2) I had to shower and get ready for our stake conference sessions that night.

However, we spend a little bit of time finishing them up on Sunday so that the dryer could go back into the closet before our FHE activity we're hosting tonight. :) They look fantastic!

I do want to add some fun printables or something to brighten up the shelves, and I have other things that are going to get moved around to be in these crates. OH! We also decided that some small brackets would be a good idea to give us just a little bit more support. :) There's some wall patching that needs to be done....and I'm seriously considering doing something like this:

or maybe this:

to hide the hideousness of the cords for the washer. Seriously, why can't they put them so that they'll be lower than the height of the washer? Sigh. Also, I think I might try to move the laundry are light to being inside the closet and what not. Maybe. Not sure about that yet. Overall, I am very happy with our first (of many!!) DIY projects. :D

And just in case you missed it my new lovely laundry space that makes me oh so happy:

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