Thursday, October 16, 2014

The rest of August

August seems like so long ago and yet it also feels like yesterday. Funny how that works.

Anywho, August was a fun month. After getting back from Yellowstone we did some fun, random things and basically enjoyed life. :)

 We had Lindy for a random weekend and went up to visit Allan's mom. She show Lindy this fun stuff that she could play with and blow into bubbles, etc. She had a blast with it.


Pictures from our garden. I was not the best gardener this year. We got on little cucumber and a few tomatoes before the plants died....mostly because Daelynn was the one watering them and she moved to go to BYU-I in yeah. :D I'm really not the best porch gardener as much as I've tried.

We had a pool party as a going away party for some of our friend in the ward. I love all these people. This is Allan doing an eagle jump off the diving board. :)

We got to help out in the Church's peach orchard by picking peaches. These peaches were HUGE! And they smelled SO GOOD. It was fun to get to help out and spend a few hours in the morning picking peaches for people in need.

Lindy's visa didn't come through and she ended up not leaving at the beginning of August like we thought she would. This was great for us because it meant we got to spend more time with her doing fun things. One thing we did was take her dancing with us. She was convinced we were "going to a ball," and she just HAD to wear her "ball gown." Of course she chose to wear her Cinderella dress. She was so cute and everyone loved getting to see her. It was fun. :)

That's pretty much the month of August in a nutshell for us. It felt like a really busy month - and yet it was a lot of fun too. :)

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