Monday, October 13, 2014

July Adventures

July brought us the peak of the summer. Lindy was still in town so we were able to fit in some fun adventures with her. Also, Daelynn lived with us for the summer so she was around for our fun adventures too.

Here's a quick recap of the summer things:

4th of July! North Ogden celebrates Cherry Days. We made fun firework t-shirts and enjoyed fireworks and good food. :)

Lindy in front of a tire of a plane at the Air Show

Here all of us are in a plane at the Air Show

Lindy's ready to fly the plane!

The Air show @ Hill Air Force Base

Lindy and Allan at dinner one night when we played

One of our date night boxes from Unbox Love : We were given chalk and the challenge to leave words of love all around!

Delta Rae in concert. These guys put on the most amazing concert! It was incredible!!

Allan and I at the Delta Rae concert

Daelynn and I at the local Farmer's Market

Allan and I at the Scera shell to see Les Miserables. it was INCREDIBLE!!!

Ward Cleanup Day at a historic house in downtown Ogden. Here the men are trying to lift a tree stump into the trailer.

Lindy helping out at our Ward Cleanup Day.

We went to a family reunion for Allan's Mom's side of the family: the Rincon's. It was fun to see so many cousins that we don't normally get to see. Lindy was just excited to play with her cousins. :D
There you go. Our very busy and intense July - but it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I love summer.

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