Monday, October 13, 2014

Adventures with Lindy

*note: I know I'm behind. So, I'm going to do some monthly recaps to get caught up and then I'm going to TRY and be better at blogging consistently. We'll see how well it goes.... ;)

The month of June brought one of Lindy's scheduled visits to Utah. With family in town we planned SO MANY FUN things. I really don't know how we packed so much fun into a few days, but we did it. :D Here are some of the fun things we did:

Participlay at the Children's Treehouse Museum

Children's Treehouse Museum

Tractor rides with Grandpa Gary

Splash Pad with Daddy!

Car rides with cousins

Train Museum with Daddy and Grandpa Mac

Trying exotic Dragon Fruit

Getting to meet and hold new cousin Rusha

Bean Museum with cousins!
Bean Museum with Grandpa Mac and cousins.

Picnic with cousins and Aunts!
So there's just a taste of all the fun things we did with family and Lindy. It definitely started out a fun summer of adventures. :D

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