Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Allan's Birthday

After our sealing we had a big family/friend picnic at the park where we celebrated Allan's Birthday, which was the next day. It was just easier to celebrate both big things at the same time. :)

I got a cake from Costco, and Allan's mom made the cutest pig pinata. Seriously, cutest pinata ever.
Allan's cute cake! Sorry it's sideways... :P

Allan and his pinata!

Sammy and the pinata!
 Sammy was SO cute with the pinata. After his turn and while we were getting the next kid all set up, he found a random stick and came up to the pinata and started to hit it with said stick. It was hilarious.

Lindy and the pinata.
 Allan....his friends had fun with him and the pinata. Please enjoy this short film of him beating the poor piggy to his demise. :)

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