Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding 2.0

Oh my goodness. Time has FLOWN by and I attribute that to all the FUN we've had so far this summer. I realize it has been quite some time since I updated you all on our fun adventures, so let me back track to mid-June. :D

If you follow me on Instagram you got to see more of a real-time happening of our adventures, but I want it recorded here as well. My family and Lindy all arrived safely and we started our week long of crazy family fun times with the blessing of Baby Rusha.

Rusha is BreeAnn and Tyler's second baby and has the CUTEST chubbiest cheeks I ever did see. Her full name is Zerushadi Emma Moore, but everyone calls her Rusha. :D

We had fun celebrating this new life in our family. :)

The next day (June 19, 2014) is one that I will never forget. The day dawned beautiful and sunny and absolutely perfect. Seeing as how it had rained and been 50 degrees just a few days prior, this was happy news indeed.

I had some errands to run before we went to the temple, so we made sure to visit Farr's ice cream so that my mom could get her beloved Triple C (cherry chocolate chip) ice cream before leaving for Virginia later that night. was time to head to the temple. I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to have our family and friends with us as we were sealed for time and all eternity.

on our way to the temple!

Allan's best friends (Seth, Allan, Mike)

The Logan Temple!

Kerrie and I!

Seth and Cindy, Mike and Megan, Allan and Alicia

Seriously, I can't say thank you enough to all the people who came. We didn't take enough pictures, and didn't get one of just the two of us, but this day was just so special to me. I knew that when we got married we would get here, and it was so exciting when it did! I am so happy to now know that I am forever tied to my sweetheart and that we get to work towards eternity and exhalation together. :)

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