Monday, June 9, 2014


I love life. It is so fun and keeps us so busy with its twists and turns and random ways. Makes me happy. :)

Life around these parts has been really busy. Having Allan home again is the best. I love that he'll be here all summer long and won't have to be gone for long periods of time. We have several fun things planned and I am just SO EXCITED for these fun things. :D

This last weekend for date night we explored Historic 25th Street in Downtown Ogden. There was a car show going on, and we had so much fun seeing all the cars that have been fixed up.

Also, I finished a dress for Lindy this weekend. I think it might be my favorite one yet.

we've been using our grill like crazy this summer (and my husband thought we shouldn't buy one last year. HA.) I've been meal planning like crazy and we've tried some pretty good things.

As usual, we've been FaceTiming with Lindy until she comes to visit us (9 days!). Most recently, she and Daddy played super heroes. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

My mom and sister are coming into town on Wednesday. My dad and Lindy come into town the following Wednesday. My sister is having Rusha blessed that day, we're getting sealed the next day, and we're partying all weekend long and into the following days. I am so excited for our little "staycation" that we get to have.

We're trying to take advantage of all the fun things Ogden has to offer in the summertime and have so many plans for fun things. I'll try to keep you updated, but don't expect anything until after our little staycation is over. :D

That's about all for us in these neck of the woods for the time being. Things will be much more exciting in the coming weeks. Until next time my friends...Ciao!!

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