Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Vacation: Yellowstone National Park

This year we planned and executed a family vacation with Allan's immediate family to Yellowstone National Park. We had a lot of fun camping and exploring. Behold, some pictures:

One morning we had doughnuts/fried scones. :D They were so delicious.
Old Faithful!
In front of the sign. Proof we went!
some wildlife we saw - Elk.
Us in front of a pool.
A buffalo we saw just taking a walk on the street as we drove to a geyser
Castle Rock Geyser. One of our favorite parts.
We took the long way home and saw the Grand Tetons
Proof Daelynn came with us. ;) Her in front of a geyser. :D
We LOVED going to Yellowstone. It was so beautiful and perfect weather. I love camping and I'm looking forward to going camping again next year. :D

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