Wednesday, February 11, 2015

September 2014

I am determined to get caught up, and there's lots to tell you. You got a spoiler last post and so you can probably imagine that September was quite the exciting month for us. But I digress. Let's start at the beginning shall we?

 At the very beginning of the month we went with the Moores and Daelynn (not pictured for some reason....) to the Ogden Temple Open house. This is such a gorgeous temple and I feel so blessed to have so many temples in easy driving range for us. We had a glorious time.

 Sammy was extra cute in the little mini museum thing they had where they had a replica of the Christus on display.

 Also at the beginning of the month (right around the 6th, Daelynn's birthday) we went up to Brigham City's Peach days. We let Lindy ride on some carnival rides (Sammy didn't want to ride....) and two cousins had a glorious time.

Allan and I had the opportunity to help our youth get ready for the Youth Cultural Celebration that was the night before the temple dedication. It was an amazing experience and we loved getting to be a part of it!

 In the middle of September I took Daelynn up to Rexburg to start her first semester at BYU-Idaho. It was a fun day. :)

Rexburg Temple - right by Daelynn's Apartment

Daelynn is officially a student!

Daelynn in her dorm!
 This was the last rehearsal we had with our youth right before the much work!

 Lindy was still in UT during September before heading back to Canada and so we went out for Pizza....

Most of our youth right before the cultural celebration began. They were amazing and it was such a neat experience to be there with them!

On the last weekend we had Lindy before she left, she and I made a bunch of Halloween decorations for the house. Spiders and Ghosts, oh my!

We also got to go to Sammy's 2nd Birthday Party. It was Daniel Tiger themed. :D

Rusha was obviously thrilled with all of the celebrating...

 On our last day with Lindy we were able to get Allan's sister Liz to take our family pictures for this year. I played around with some fun editing things in Photoshop and am quite happy with how they turned out. Here's a small sampling:

Finally the last thing we did in September, on the very last day to be exact, was to sign a bazillion (more like 150+) pages to close on our condo.

We are very happy to officially be homeowners and as you saw previously, have already started on the home improvement projects. :D

And that, my friends, was our September. Very eventful. Now hopefully to get up-to-date with our lives....stay tuned!!!

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