Wednesday, February 11, 2015

November 2014

November.....was fairly normal. I was taking Spanish 1010 this semester so life seemed REALLY busy. We hosted Thanksgiving again this year, but this time with my family. Thanksgiving was so late this year it really felt odd. So here you go, our November adventures!

Allan has been going to Crossfit for sometime now and has been getting stronger! We're trying really hard to live healthier lifestyles, and for him this is how we works out. :)

Granted, living healthy is hard so every once in a while, we need a deep fried fix. :)

I made some new thanksgiving decor for my house. Love these banners.

We went to a silent auction the YSA ward put together for a fundraiser, and I got these SUPER delicious cupcakes that looked like a tv dinner.

 Just enjoying a lovely fall day

Veteran's day! We always go out to eat, and this year was so no exception...

After a dinner and games party with friends we got the lovely opportunity to drive home through the canyon in the snow. NOT my favorite thing in the world.

A new fall wreath for my door:

 Cotton Candy!

 We finished our laundry room project in November, but I already did a whole little diddy on that project here....

Thanksgiving prep! I made my favorite cranberry sauce and a brine for the turkey.

Our thankful turkey with thankful thoughts from everybody on it.


Games while we waited for the food to be done...

The golden bird.

My favorite thing about fancy meals is getting to set the table all fancy like. :)

All the girls went out shopping early for Black Friday. Gotta start them young!

Fun times with Rusha and Sammy!

We went to visit Allan's mom and she had the most adorable kitten....

And that folks, was November! On to December!! :) Just a warning, I think I'll do December in two chunks....just so it's not so long. ;)

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