Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Christmas 2014

This year wasn't our year to get to have Lindy with us ON Christmas, but we were able to pick her up the day after. We had lots of fun times with just the two of us for Christmas Eve dinner and a movie. :)

Behold....the Ambrose Family Christmas 2014 (warning, this is a VERY picture heavy post. Just in case you were wondering...) :

It was a nice dinner for two this year with it being just Allan and I on Christmas Eve:

 We watched a classic:

And woke up to 4 inches of snow Christmas morning. It's pretty much the most snow we've received all winter long.

We played games with Allan's family on Christmas day:

And then had SECOND Christmas with Lindy on the 26th:

She was spoiled with so many fun things between Allan and I and her grandparents on both sides.

 At this time we thought Allan might be deployed to Africa, so we got Lindy an army bear (that she named Allan) to help with the seperation. He isn't being deployed now, but we still sent the Army bear with a birthday present up to her in Canada so she can always have it with her.

 Lindy gave Daddy a new board game that has a board that is 6ft long! :) It's a fun Disney Eye Spy kind of game. It's a lot of fun. :D

 One of Lindy's favorite past times is "fashion show" she loves to put on all of her dress ups and then have Daddy announce her and come out and show off. Of course Daddy has to do it too (and I don't have any pictures of Allan....but it was hilarious.)

Little miss poser....

Lindy went to the grocery store with Daddy dressed as Cinderella getting married...

Pictures from when we went to see the lights at Christmas Village downtown Ogden.

My favorite scene:

 Lindy exercising

 Like father, like daughter.

 Lindy in her new dress my mom made:

I came back from working out one Friday morning and found my husband had taken over the ENTIRE bed!

Lindy with her cousins Abby and Isa.

New Year's Kisses!!

And that's a wrap of 2014! :) On to January.....

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