Friday, May 22, 2015


Whew! We're getting there my friends! April was some fun times. :) Let's do this, shall we?

I got a new hair cut! (mostly bangs and some layers) but I LOVE it! Yay for hair getting longer!!
went shoe shopping for wedding shoes for my sister! The wedding is coming up!
how we watch conference....

How Rusha watches conference....
allergy inducing trees

date night at the Ballet! This show was FANTASTIC!!!

Lindy was here in April and we were able to play with her one night

fun times!!!

tired girl after a night of fun!
Food prep for one week....we need to do this again.

I LOVE Lilacs! They smell so good and we have bushes by our mail box. :)

Good mail day! I actually have an influenster post coming....

new purse I made. I'm in love with it!

we went and had dinner at my in-laws and we met their new goat. :D

sewing project! I need to finish this skirt....

SNOW! this did not make me happy

the influenster Bella Voxbox....stay tuned for a post on all the fun things inside!

lunch date during restaurant week

all the flowers for our awards reception at work.
and that, my friends, was April. So much busy. Don't get me wrong though, it was a blast. :D

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