Friday, December 21, 2012

my life lately....

December is always busy. I always think that somehow I am going to have some kind of handle on things and be able to handle multiple projects and what not. I need to stop kidding myself.

For the most part I am done with Christmas gifts. AND they are almost all wrapped. The only one that is NO WHERE NEAR being done is Lindy's quiet book. In my head it's all easy and stuff. In reality? This project is HARD. Nevertheless, I will finish it. Now, it might not be done on Christmas, but since we don't see her until the day after it doesn't really matter. ;)  I'm hoping to get it done during the weekend while in Logan with Allan and his family. :o) I think that should be manageable. Hopefully. :P

Anyways, Allan and I have also had other fun things happening - we went to my work Christmas party which is always SO FUN. This year they had one of the newer employees here take pictures of all the couples and such. This one is my favorite:

In other news my photographer that I wanted to use for my wedding is no longer available. :( I am still looking for a replacement. sigh.

It's weird having to send Christmas in a box to my family. I've never NOT been with my family during Christmas. Not that I don't love Allan's family...but things are just going to feel different. I guess in the long run that's okay - different is good. It helps us learn and grow and stuff. Anyways, I'm sure there will be a blog post Christmas at some point with all of my adventures and such from that day. :o)

In other news Allan and I have officially been engaged for a month now and in some ways I can't believe it's been that long and at the same time I look back and wonder where in the world the month has gone! I love being called his fiance/calling him mine. Granted, I will be happy when I call him my husband instead....but being engaged is awesome. :o)

Anywho. That's about it from me for now. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Spending Christmas with your in laws never gets fully comfy like your own family, but I have come to love his brother and sister-in-law like my own. I actually love it now!

    Cute dress, ps!