Monday, February 11, 2013

getting married....and all that jazz

So, if we're friends in  real life you might have heard....I'm officially getting married on March 28th.

What I didn't tell the Facebook world (because I don't feel like I need to announce it there...) is the really big news that came with the decision of March 28th.

See, as I may or may not have mentioned, my sweetheart has been married before and since divorced (obviously). Now, in the LDS church divorcing your spouse does not instantly divorce you from your temple sealing. You have to get clearance (if you're a guy) or a cancellation (if you're a girl) of sealing and that is done through a long process through your local leaders (Bishop and Stake President) and then a packet is sent off to the First Presidency and you have to wait (patiently?) for a response.

We have been working on this process since the day we got engaged. It has been long and slow and without much news. However, we found out last week from our Stake President that due to certain circumstances that are not important for anyone but us to know, our clearance isn't going to come through until October.

October. That's EIGHT months away my friends. And when you've already been engaged for almost 3 months - another eight sounds horrendous. After much discussion (and really, we had discussed this possibility before this news) and with the strong recommendation from our Stake President, Allan and I have decided to be married civilly on March 28th and then we will be sealed one year later.

I am so at peace with this decision. While it was hard at first to accept this idea, we know that this is the best thing for us and our situation. Waiting until October would be extremely difficult and would more than likely cause more problems for us. I know it's not the "normal" thing to do when you're in Utah...but it is what is best for us.

My family has been super supportive and the friends that I have told are also all for it. We are going to still keep things small that day - while we want a party we are also wanting only those closest to us to celebrate our special day. And that's what it will be - special. And who knows....I might just get lucky and get two anniversary dates. ;)

For now, if I don't write on here as much in the next 45+ days....just remember that I haven't abandoned this here blog, but instead I am doing my best to avoid blowing up and planning a wedding that is taking place in 45 days. Cue freak out.....

until next time! ciao!

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  1. :) Good for you! Sorry you have to wait, but glad you're still moving forward! Good luck with everything!