Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Minute to Win it FHE

So, as previously mentioned, the husband and I are trying to be social with other people in our ward and so we want to have combined FHE activities.  Last night we hosted a Valentine's Minute to Win it FHE.


I laughed so hard my cheeks were hurting by the end.

In case you are curious, here are the games we played that I gathered (thanks to Pinterest) from several different sites including this one. I don't remember the others. (thank you short term memory)

ANYWAYS. Here's what we played and a few pictures that I took (I didn't think of taking pictures until we were half way through....but I did take some!)

First off - we played Husbands vs. Wives. We had each couple go at the same time (with the exception of one game that they went one at a time) and whoever won that round got a point for their team.

1. First up, we played Heart Stack. Using small conversation hearts, the idea of the game was to stack the hearts as high as you could in one minute.

2. Next - Candy Corn Stick-up. Using candy corn candies, stand them upright on a flat surface (without biting off the bottoms) the most standing at the end of one minute wins!

3. Candy Pick-up. Using chopsticks move candy from one dish to another. Most candy in the plate at the end wins a point.

4. Marshmallow toss. Using mini-marshmallows, toss the mini marshmallows from a bowl into a cup on the opposite table. To make this one more fun we had one couple stand on each end of the table and toss the marshmallows into the opposite cup - we had marshmallows ALL OVER the floor by the end, but it was definitely a lot of fun.

5. Suck it Up. Using a straw, suck up conversation hearts and transfer them from a bowl to a plate. This one was harder than it looked. I almost died.

6. This Blows. Blow up a balloon and use the air to blow the cups across and off the table. We had 16 cups, and man was this one HARD! The girls had a harder time because we sucked at blowing up balloons. My husband was super awesome at this one. Also, this is the one we did one at a time.

7. Face the Cookie. A minute to win it favorite! Place the cookie on your forehead and get it into your mouth without using your hands.

8. Penny Hose. Place two pennies in each leg of a pair of panty hose. Using just your hands (one in each leg) AND NOTHING ELSE retrieve the pennies.

9. Cupid's Arrow. I think this was the favorite of the night. Using a straw blow "arrows" (aka Q-tips) through a heart hanging from the ceiling.

And now a few pictures and video!

this is the suck it up! game.

 this is the this blows! game. :o)

Candy Pick Up
aftermath of one round of the marshmallow toss
Face the Cookie
Penny Hose

 So there you go! We had lots of fun and had treats (as one should at FHE!) at the end. It was good times to socialize with others in our ward. :o)

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