Thursday, January 23, 2014

a new year, a new us....

At the beginning of the year Allan and I sat down and decided on some "goals" of where we wanted to be a year from now.

This is kinda hard to write down and it makes sense in my head, so let's see if I can get this out right. Pretty much we decided what kind of life we wanted. Some of the things discussed were kids, our living arrangement, work, our bodies, money, etc.

We then decided to focus on a few areas and make goals that would help us improve. So we made goals - Emotional/Social goals, Healthy-Lifestyle goals, Money goals, and Spiritual goals. I'm really excited for our goals and where they will put us at the beginning of next year. :o) they are, our 2014 family goals:

  • workout every morning
  • go dancing once a month
  • have a combined FHE once a month
  • kneeling couple praryer morning and night
  • study the Old Testament as a couple 
  • be WorldMark debt free
We have a purpose/ultimate goal/lifestyle that we want due to the result of these six goals this year. I'm so grateful for a partner that wants to succeed and will sit down and talk with me about these kinds of things. It makes me happy.

Happy New Year!

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