Thursday, June 30, 2016

Morning Adventures

We take a break in my storytelling to tell you about my adventurous morning:

7:07: wake up Trey to feed him before going to daycare

7:25: Trey finishes eating, but he had pooped while eating (as is his MO) so I changed his diaper

7:27: I’m gathering stuff and while gathering stuff Trey poops. Again.

7:28: Change poopy diaper

7:29: While walking out the door Trey spits up a tiny bit on me and him, not enough to warrant a change of clothing, out the door we go.

7:32: while buckling Trey into his car seat he spits up. Everywhere. All over his clothes, all over his car seat. And because I don’t need the diaper bag for daycare (they have everything there) I have nothing to wipe it up. Find a sweater of Lindy’s to mop up said spit up. Trey is soaked.

7:34: Trek upstairs to get Trey changed.

7:38: While walking downstairs Trey spits up a tiny bit. Again. All over me. My white kimono thing is now shot for the day. So much for feeling put together. **Note to self: don’t let Trey eat for so long without burping half way through…..**

7:42: Arrive to daycare 15-20 minutes later than I usually do. Can’t hand Trey off to person who usually takes him. She tells me to go to the other room. That teacher can't take my baby because she has a baby. "Baby room" teacher arrives. Follow her to the room, but she has her arms full so I take off my sandals (no shoe policy for the baby room) and put Trey in the swing, buckle him in and he smiles and giggles as I walk away.

7:50: Finally on the road to work.

It was quite the morning my friends. Quite the morning.

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