Friday, July 1, 2016

that one time I had a baby PART THREE

After I was finished being stitched up I remember Allan coming in and showing me pictures of our cute boy and I was able to order some lunch. That was the best lunch ever.  I hung out in my delivery room for a little bit longer (they were keeping a very close eye on me with all the blood I lost) and soon they took me to my recovery room.
We were able to stop by the NICU so I could see my sweet baby, but I couldn’t hold him as he had just had a shot of Surfactin to help his lungs out and had to stay laying down. I napped a lot that day. The hospital lactation consultant stopped by and brought an electric pump so that I could start pumping.
Allan stayed the night with me and the next day my midwife stopped by to see how I was doing. I was still very pale from the loss of blood and so she ordered two units for me. I got one unit that morning and then was able to go see my baby. This was the first time I was able to hold him since he was born. I couldn’t believe how much hair he had!!

I was wheeled back to my room for round two of blood and Allan went to go see Lindy. She wanted to come see Trey SO BAD, but with traffic there just wasn’t time. I started pumping frequently and am proud to say that other than one (or maybe two?) feedings ALL of Trey’s feedings at the NICU came from me. Proud mommy moment right there.
Lindy did get to come to the hospital that weekend as she was with us for the weekend. She loved getting to see him. ( the NICU nurses were so great to let us take him to the window for her to see him!) And luckily she had another fun thing planned: her birthday present from us of getting to see Beauty and the Beast by Ballet West II. Her and daddy got all dressed up and had a lovely time. BreeAnn came to see me with Café Rio and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Best girls' night ever!

Days in the hospital were pretty boring, I pumped, visited Trey every few hours, held him and slept. I was released Saturday and was able to stay two more days at the hospital with the hope Trey would be able to come home Monday. Unfortunately Trey wasn’t ready to be released and I had to leave him there while I went home. That was SO HARD. I’m tearing up now typing this.

The next six days were hard. I would pump for Trey through the night and call the NICU when I woke up in the morning to see when he had last eaten. I would then go to the hospital for his next feeding (by this time he was breastfeeding like a champ!) and hang out most of the day. A couple of days I went home and ate dinner with Allan and we’d go back for one last feeding before going home and sleeping.
A LOT happened in my family this week medical wise, Daelynn had some epilepsy-related issues, I was dealing with a NICU situation and my brother-in-law Tyler had his appendix removed. My mom felt like she needed to come out (originally she wasn’t going to come until May) and we found an AMAZING last minute flight deal and out came my mom. This was the best. She came up and saw me and Trey at the NICU one day and we went to lunch. She then came up that weekend when Allan and I roomed in and came home with Trey! It was so nice to have her around when we came home with Trey.

We did have to come home with oxygen, but that as okay. I was just glad to be HOME. Trey was on the oxygen 24/7 for about 2.5 weeks and then we started weaning him off. Two weeks later he was officially off the oxygen. I was a VERY happy camper that day. :D

So there you go, the wonderful story of how Trey joined our family.

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