Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lindy's Dance Recital

Lindy has been in a Tap/Ballet combo class for the past year. She absolutely loves being in dance. I’m so glad she loves it!


Lindy had her recital at the end of April. I was glad that I could go to it and see Lindy perform. She did a fabulous job!

I will say this though, I’m not a fan of the studio she dances at right now. The recital was not very professionally done. It was basically just a series of dances, there was no professionalism in the audience and people just up and left as soon as their kid was done. (granted we did this too, but only because that was the environment of the recital and we wanted to see Lindy before she left with her mom.) There was no story line to the show and it just felt….cheap. I have taught at several studios, and maybe I’m spoiled, but every studio I’ve taught for has been more professional in their recital then what I say that night. PLUS the technique of the few older classes I saw left much to be desired. Lindy looked great, but she’s only six. The older girls I expected to have their toes pointed and knees straight. They did not. I hope that if Lindy wants to continue on with dance that we can help encourage her lessons to be elsewhere because I am not impressed with her current studio. (okay, end of rant.)

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