Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Two Months Old!

Time FLEW by and suddenly my baby was two months old! Trey changed SO MUCH from one to two months. He gained a good amount of weight, he’s still small – but Allan and I are pretty much average and I was always small for my age and it looks like Trey will follow suit.

10 lbs 4oz and 22” long
and for comparison:

At two months Trey started to smile – not a ton, but a little bit. He started to find his hand to comfort himself and he would follow me after I set him down. He is definitely a tummy sleeper, and can lift his head like a pro. Everyone comments on his pretty blue eyes (will they change? We will see!) and his amazing hair. They also comment on his crazy good head control.
He ALWAYS sleeps with his mouth open. It's so cute.
About a week before his two month birthday I had set Trey on the floor for some tummy time while Allan and I played a game. We both were looking down admiring our cute baby when all of a sudden Trey started to roll over – and then he shocked us by rolling all the way over! At two months this was CRAZY early. He did it a couple more times before he was three months old, but not consistently.

We sure do love ya little guy!

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