Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FMLA: aka 12 weeks of Maternity Leave

So…. The United States pretty much sucks when it comes to maternity leave. Other than having this great thing called FMLA where your job is protected for 12 weeks, one gets nothing for taking time off after having a baby. Weber’s policy is that you can get paid with whatever sick leave and PTO you have built up. I didn’t have a ton (I tried so hard!) but Allan and I both decided we would make 12 weeks (most of that without me getting a paycheck) work.

I am SO GLAD that we did this. Those 12 weeks with Trey were so wonderful. I was definitely ready to come back to work (more on that later) but I loved being a stay at home mommy for that short time.

I did my best to go out about once a day and do something so that I wasn’t always cooped up inside my house, but I’m not going to lie there was a lot of Netflix binging. My two favorite shows that I binged through everything they had to offer: Fixer Upper and The Good Wife. I now want to tear down all sorts of walls in my house Joanna Gaines style. ;)

Basically, life was pretty grand and now I’m back to work and I’m trying to find my new “normal.” If there is such a thing….

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