Friday, November 9, 2012


I learned a lesson this week. Well, more like I re-learned a lesson this week. See, in the back of my head I already knew what I learned, but I needed the experience this week to reinforce the lesson.

The last month or so have been fairly stressful for me and when that happens I sort of abandon some tasks that should be done on a regular basis. Tasks like cleaning my room, keeping my bathroom together, etc. I do laundry...but only because I need clothes to wear.  :o) 

ANYWAYS. My nightstand had become a horrid mess and I seriously couldn't find anything on it. My lamp was in danger of having its on/off switch covered up with papers and hair things. I finally put my foot down and cleaned it on Wednesday night instead of doing any other fun thing that Allan and I might have done.

It only took about an hour, but by the time I was done I could feel the weight on my shoulders had lifted, my room was picked up and looked half decent. Granted, it still needs a vacuum and there are a few things on top of my filing box instead of inside my filing box, but you can see what my nightstand looks like. I can put things on said nightstand and then find them the next day without moving everything around. It's a marvelous feeling! 

So. Lesson learned. Keeping my room clean keeps me semi-stress free. I need to be better about actually cleaning my room instead of just saying I'll clean it. I'm going to walk the talk so to speak. :o) 

Anywho. That's about it. This weekend should be fun times, my goals are coming along and it makes me happy. The end. :o)

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