Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Hey all! I hope you had a splendid weekend, I know I did. :o) It all started with my day off on Friday. I love my days off. They are always fantastic. I get to sleep in and do whatever I want....except when I make doctor appointments for that day. :P Luckily for me I have a sweet boyfriend who agreed to go with me, hold my hand in the waiting room (I was not excited about this appointment) and then he took me out for an Einstein bagel afterwards. He truly does love me. :o)

After my doctor's appointment we went to City Creek in Downtown Salt Lake City. Oh my goodness, that place was FANTASTIC! I loved it! Plus it was an absolutely gorgeous day and perfect for walking around an outdoor mall (which, in my opinion is way better than the Gateway Mall).

The rest of Friday was spent doing laundry and sewing stuff onto Allan's Class A uniform. That was not so much  fun - but it's done and should pass the official inspection next month (as long as the other pins come in he needs....).

Saturday was a great day! It was beautiful outside and I spent the day cleaning my house, folding laundry and painting my Kitchen Aid mixer. I finally did it! It's mostly done....but not quite and I don't have a finished product picture yet (since it's not finished. :P) But here's a picture of it half way done:

It is now ALL black (minus two little spots in the back that got missed) and all it needs now is the white stencil I'm planning on putting on it. I'm hoping to do that part sometime this week. Hopefully.

Also on Saturday was my date with Allan to Ballet West. This show featuring But Never Doubt I Love, The Lottery, and Bolero was INCREDIBLE. Seriously one of the best shows Ballet West has put together. It had everything and was absolutely stunning. The Lottery was a World Premiere piece and I loved it. I thought it was incredibly moving. :o) I ended up wearing my Chinese outfit and I did my hair super cute like - all curly and pulled to the side.

you can sort of tell.....but not really. :o)
Oh....and the best part about the ballet? Allan surprised me with Orchestra seats....10 rows from the front and dead center. Oh my gosh I was so happy. They were the most amazing seats and I was one happy little girl. :o) Afterwards I took him out for dessert - the Cheesecake Factory. Overall it was a grand day and super happy.
the most amazing seats! :o)
Finally, the last part of my weekend was getting to drive down to Provo and be there for my nephew's baby blessing. BreeAnn and Tyler decided to do it in their home so that we could Skype the fam in Virginia. It was awesome. Afterwards I went to Church with them and got to hold baby Sammy the entire time. :o) He's super cute and getting chunky. Love that kid.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Hopefully this week goes well....oh, and go vote tomorrow! Voting Rocks! :)


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